e-colli infestation

Around 32 peoples died and around 3000 peoples were hospitilized due to E.Coli contamination in vegeteables in Germany. Its happened due to the relase of a toxin called Shigatoxin by pathogenic micro organism E.Coli. It can cause kidney failures and brain haemerouges. Why this happend? Green salad is not a cooked food. But the vegetables are cultivated in agri lands (where the soili, air etc contains pathogenic micro organisms like E.Coli, Coliform et)c. Sources are human shits, Cow dung, slurry etc. If we cook properly at 80 Deg C, all these pathogenic organisms will die. But we cannot cook salads. Its used to consume directly. But we should understand that the raw vegetables contains these pathogenic organisms. In order to remove these pathogens, its necessry to wash and sanitize vegetables. What is sanitization? Wash the raw vegetable in cold water- Prepare 100 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution ( chlorine soultion) in cold water- Soak washed vegetables in Chlorine solution for 15 minutes- This will eliminate pathogenic bacterias- Wash again in cold water. Fruits should also be consumed after sanitization. But Indians are not bothered about this. Becuase our living styles from childhood helped us to develop a strong immune system. But westerners used to maintain hygiene conditions everytime, uses spoon and forks to eat food from child hood .... Hence any contaminations from any source may affect thier body much faster than us...

jomy abraham

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